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Haga KAQUITA Entretenida, PESCA, Juego

Haga KAQUITA  Entretenida, PESCA, Juego
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Haga KAQUITA Entretenida, PESCA, Juego
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Haga KAKITA  Entretenida, PESCA, Juego

Toilet Fishing

Potty Fisher Toilet Game 


Our Toilet Fishing Game is really sensible. Honest. If someone you know disappears into the toilet for hours on end reading Angling Times, why not brighten his life by buying him this great fishing game, to keep him amused and happy while he's waiting for Mother Nature.


The magnetic fishing rod challenge is to catch four brightly coloured fish from the water filled perspex bowl. Squint up your eyes very tight, let your imagination run riot, and you could almost be fishing the Parlour, the Upper Thurne, or even Redmire. It's hard for non-anglers to buy the right present for the fishing fanatic as it is so very complicated. However, you can't go wrong with this. Potty Fishing is the gift which puts the 'coarse' back into coarse fishing. No self respecting angler should be without one. No bait or license required. 



About The Product
• Try to catch 4 toy fish in a bowl of water with your little fishing rod
• The fish measure approx 7 cm x 5 cm x 1 cm each
• The pond measures approx 30 cm x 30 cm x 11 cm
• Suitable for all toildet users aged 4 to 140!

What will you find in the box?
• 1 x Fishing Rod
• 1 x Bowl
• 4 x Fish
• 1 x Door Sign 

Regalo ideal para gente que pasa horas en el baño.